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A message from Joe Scuderi.

Hi everyone Joe here.

I just want to say a few things while it’s all happening.

I always wanted to play in an out n out rock band and I remember playing a gig with

Hodgy with the Hot Dog Hobos and floating the idea of an AC/DC Bon Scott era band and asking him do you think people would want to see and hear it.

He said yes to which I replied it won’t work unless we have a singer who can pull it off. He suggested Mark Wright. I didn’t know Mark particularly well at this point and asked Hodgy to have a chat.

Unknown to us Mark had Let there be Rock tattooed on his back, as if he was ever going to say no!

BON U.K. was born.

We weren’t after the school inform and gimmicky stuff, we just wanted to play the songs as authentically as possible. It had to be. No shortcuts, it had to be right or we don’t do it at all, that was our gimmick.

We eventually recruited Mark Robinson on Bass n Dave on rhythm guitar and went into rehearsals that lasted at least 6 months.

What’s followed during the next 6 years has been phenomenal and I’m sure we never envisaged the gigs we would be asked to play across the country. It’s been great and I see the band getting bigger.

I will miss it n the guys of that there is no doubt. A couple of changes to keep the band moving forward.

I really hope Covid doesn’t scupper the plans to do a few final shows with the guys and for the people who come and watch us. I’d be gutted to not say goodbye the right way.

So, let’s live in hope. Rock on !

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